Why is Greeley, CO ‘the place to be’?

As President of the Greeley Chamber of Commerce, Sarah McQuiddy says that the community is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the current growth in the local energy industry. With so much activity in the community, hotels are hard to come by and there are plans to build additional capacity.

The restaurant industry is seeing large growth and even the local community and technical colleges have dramatic improvements in student enrollment. Many members of the community are working to change career paths to find new and better employment in energy or related industries.

The agriculture industry has traditionally been the cornerstone of the local economy and the current growth in the energy industry has been a benefit to many local farmers. By leasing mineral rights to oil companies and partnering on building new access roads and other needed infrastructure, farmers have built additional streams of income to help build their farms.

McQuiddy says that many local businesses are increasing the pace of hiring and making investments to build on the future. With the recession in the past, and a burgeoning future in oil and natural gas production, the City of Greeley is anticipating many years of increased growth and community improvement.

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