Saddles, tack and the Western lifestyle

Good saddles, tack and working gear for horsemen and folks who love the Western lifestyle. That’s the brand Roger Allgeier has built Brighton Feed and Saddlery into over the course of its 71 year history. With an influx of people moving from New Mexico, Arizona and Texas to take jobs in Colorado’s booming oil industry, Roger’s business is doing well.

“But they bring their hobbies with them,” says Roger referencing horse owners, rodeo enthusiasts, and hobby farmers.

All this means increasing business for Brighton Feed and Saddlery. Roger says this kind of development and economic growth is a good thing for the local economy, but community leaders need to understand that they must embrace the energy industry if they are going to continue to reap the rewards.

“They are making noises that the extraction industry is great in the surrounding areas, but not in my backyard.” But, he says, “There’s people like me that depend on some of that.”

Communities in Colorado are working on new ways to balance the equation Roger mentions and embrace the economic growth that the energy industry brings and mitigate impacts to residents. If the bump in sales at Brighton Feed and Saddlery is any evidence, so far its going well.

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