A new career

There is a future in the oil and gas industry, and Natali Delgado wants to seize that opportunity. As a college graduate with a degree in early childhood education, Natali is going back to school to study in the oil and gas program at Aimes Community College in Ft. Lupton, Colorado.

Shes seen lots of people who have started in the energy industry and “now doors are opening left and right for them.” She says for her its about a stable future career path, “I keep hearing a lot of positive things in regards to this industry, so this is where I want to go.”

Natali also says she is excited about joining an industry that doesn’t have a lot of women involved and she is excited about being one of the few but growing numbers of women to join it. Energy companies have been working to increase their gender diversity in the last few years as they create more and more jobs that are sometimes difficult to fill.

“I’ve seen how the economy has benefited from this industry, I’ve seen communities benefitting from this industry, overall I’ve seen a lot of positives,” she says.

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