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Texas has long been a leader in American energy production. Many people remember the oil booms (and crashes) from decades past. But with the new combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, the state is surpassing even J.R. Ewing’s wildest dreams.

Texas is now the 9th largest oil producing region in the world, surpassing Middle East nations like Dubai and Kuwait. With new production in the Eagle Ford shale to the south, and the Permian Basin in the west, the state is firmly in the lead when it comes to domestic oil and natural gas production. The Lone Star State even leads in wind energy production!


Refugio County: Dramatic Growth

Refugio County: Dramatic Growth

Little Refugio County, Texas is an old ranching community. Without the oil and gas wealth of neighboring counties, it has existed predominantly on agriculture and the flow of traffic from a nearby highway — to keep it alive. But now, with production in the nearby Eagle Ford shale booming, the little community is seeing dramatic…

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