A duty to protect

Landowners who own rights to their sub-surface minerals (oil, natural gas, gold, etc.) can sign contracts with energy companies to drill or mine for those minerals for profit. Many Colorado landowners are working with energy companies to tap into Colorado’s vast natural resources in oil and natural gas. As a fourth generation Colorado land and mineral owner, Christy Koeneke says she has a duty to safely and responsibly develop those minerals to benefit her family ranch and local community.

As ranchers, Christy says its important to protect air and water quality while developing the energy on her family’s land. If her land is damaged, her livelihood as a rancher is damaged as well. She is very selective in choosing energy companies that share her values of environmental protection before developing her mineral holdings, and is satisfied that Colorado energy companies do a great job of protecting the environment, her land, her crops and her livestock when they drill for oil and gas.

“For me and my family, four generations of my family, we are very proud of oil and gas development in this state, and want to others to understand how important it is for our state and our nation.”

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